Residential Pest Control – Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Bed Bugs can come from many places. One assumption about where bed bugs come from can be an infested bag or affected clothing placed on top of a bed. Bed Bugs and lice are similar in that they quickly spread from one place to another. Consider traveling as one cause. Bed bugs clasp onto items where they cannot be seen (i.e., inside a person’s luggage or clothes). Believe it or not, airplanes and trains are also places where bed bugs come from. We can also assume storage boxes and packages are sources for where bed bugs come from. However, we must consider that bed bugs latch on to anything they can get their hind legs on and because they are so small and unseen, they can virtually come from anywhere. Wooden and antique furniture can be places where bed bugs do come from, so it is best to inspect all second-hand furniture you may decide on acquiring for your home. For about a year, bed bugs can live hidden without food. More on this website:

Another way to understand the question, “where do bed bugs come from?” is to consider the simple act of a friend or neighbor; unknowingly, of course, it can bring the parasite into your home. By sitting on your couch or bed, this person can bring the bed bug onto your furniture. Small openings and cracks in your floors are other places that bed bugs enter the home. If you live in an apartment building, there is a great possibility that the parasite can crawl through small cracks and enter the apartment. They might spread to another part of the building if insecticide was sprayed, making the bed bugs seek out another area. Bed bugs can also crawl through vents and get through old building walls. If you have recently had a neighbor or friend over before jumping to conclusions, consider another place where bed bugs come from.

Bed bugs can come from places many consider clean and bug-free. The laundry mat is another place where these parasites can cling to other places. Because they can survive in different temperatures, ranging from forty degrees to eighty degrees, cleaning your infested sheets would not get rid of them easily. Bed bugs can spread through the washing machines and even the folding areas, where they can attach themselves to your belongings.

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