Davao Central 911 on standby for tsunami from Chile

The Davao City Central 911 Emergency is on standby while waiting for the latest notice whether or not a tsunami would reach Davao Region brought about by the quake in Chile Thursday morning (Philippine time).

Central 911 head Emmanuel Jaldon said that their emergency teams are on standby at a moment’s notice in case it would be confirmed that destructive tsunami would reach Davao.

As of the moment though, Jaldon said, it is not likely that waves reaching Davao would be destructive considering that the waves that hit the coast of Chile were only 15-feet high.

Jaldon said that they are however not taking chances and have already started preparing their people and equipments for any eventuality.

“We have protocols to follow in terms of alert status. As of now, we are monitoring possible distant source tsunami but unlikely because only a 15 foot wave was generated along the coast of Chile. The necessary early warning status will be issued of threat level will be heightened and the corresponding actions will be executed,” said Jaldon.

An 8.3 magnitude quake hit in Chile Thursday morning (Philippine time) which caused tsunami.

The waves might reach Davao Region thus Dabawenyos are advised to wait for further notice and be prepared for any eventuality.


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