SC to bring E-court to Davao and GenSan

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In an effort to decongest courts of backlogged cases and expedite the solution of the same, the Supreme Court is embarking on a P750 million automation of the court system all over the country.

Among the pilot cities where the so-called E-court system will first be implemented are Davao and General Santos City.

Atty. Jose Midas Marques, SC Court Administrator, said that with the automated court system, all pending cases within the sala of the judge will be readily available at the click of the button in the judge’s computer along with all the details of the case.

Red flags would also appear on the judge’s computer monitor if the case has been idle for sometime. Judges will also be alerted if the accused prisoner has served the minimum detention.

Court clerks will no longer submit monthly reports because it will automatically be generated by the computer. Templates on decisions and orders are also available wherein judge can issue real time orders and readily printed by the computer in just a few minutes instead of waiting for days for it to come out.

And with the automatic updates on all cases, its will be better managed and resolved faster.

Marquez said that the system is now being tested in Quezon City courts for fine tuning. He said that once the software is perfected, then they will bring the E-court system to the rest of the country.

The development of the software was funded by the USAid. And once completed, the SC will be allocating P750 million for the implementation of the automated system all over the country.

General Santos City Mayor Ronnel Rivera meanwhile welcomed the inclusion of General Santos city as pilot area. He said that with the growing population of the city, backlogged cases are already piling in the court.

This is the reason why the City Government has also allocated P8 million for the construction of four more regional trial courtrooms and an archive building whose groundbreaking was held at the Hall of Justice compound in General Santos Thursday afternoon.

Mayor Rivera revealed that the city is also allocating monthly honoraria for judges, prosecutors and court sheriffs as the city’s contribution for a better delivery of service from the judiciary.


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