A photo exhibit on Duterte’s 3 decades of political career

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A photo exhibit showing 30 iconic photos of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte would be exhibited by Davao-based veteran photojournalist Rene Lumawag.

The two-week exhibit dubbed as “Rody Duterte Through the Years” will be held at Abreeza Mall from June 23- July 6.

The 71-year old Lumawag has been a journalist for almost 4 decades now and had covered Duterte since 1986 when the incoming president first started his political career as appointed vice mayor of Davao City.

Through all the years, Lumawag said he has already accumulated more than 5,000 photos of Duterte in print and more in digital format.

He said that out of the thousands of photos, they have carefully selected 30 iconic photos of Duterte as a politician, a family man and other facets of the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines.

Lumawag said his most favorite photo of all is a portrait of Duterte with a famous landmark in the background. The veteran photographer did not give enough details about the said photo as he invited the public to see their exhibit.

Lumawag said that they had long been planning to hold an exhibit of his Duterte photos even before the mayor decided to run for president. He said that after Duterte’s victory, there was a huge clamor of old photos of Duterte thus the exhibit.

Ask to describe his relationship with Duterte whom he had covered for the past 30 years now, Lumawag said he considers the incoming president a friend.


Lumawag recalled a conversation with Duterte several years back where he asked the mayor of his plan on how to rid the government of corruption. He said that Duterte said that one needs to completely overhaul the government so he could choose the best instead of just picking out the rotten ones.


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