Kapalong PNP’s mañanita on drug personalities yielded more than 500 surrenderees

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Kapalong PNP’s version of anti-illegal drugs campaign dubbed as Project Mañanita has so far resulted to the surrender of about 500 personalities involved in the illegal drug trade in their town.

Kapalong PNP head Chief Inspector Michael S. Seguido said on Friday, July 8, that since they started serenading identified drug personalities four days go, more than 500 people have surrendered to the barangay authorities.

Seguido said that their Project Mañanita is their own version of the national PNP’s Double Barrel which is usually done by visiting known drug personalities and warning them to stop their illegal activity.

Seguido said that to somehow soften their approach and make it more acceptable to the public, they decided to instead serenade the drug personalities with a song “Magbago Ka” by Freddie Aguilar.

Since Tuesday, police officers in their full battle-gear have been visiting the houses of drug personalities. Seguido said that before the start of their project, they already have a list of about 200 drug personalities.

He said that as of Friday, their list have multiplied. They also have visited about 77 houses since Tuesday. Seguido said that based on the figures, they could safely say that their Project Mañanita is effective.

On Thursday alone, there are about 147 drug surrenderees. Today, Friday, they expect about 250 to surrender coming from two barangays only. The figure, he said, does not include those who are only inquiring on the process.

Seguido said that the process would be for the drug personalities to signify their intention to surrender at the barangay hall. Then the surrenderees will then be sent to the police station for debriefing and tactical investigation.

Seguido said they will require for all surrenderees to give them more information about the people they use drugs with or their sources. It was learned though that of the 500 surrenderees, not one is considered a “high value target” or someone who sells more than 50gms of illegal drugs.

Asked of the reason of most drug personalities in surrendering, Seguido said most of them are afraid to be subjected to a police anti-drug operation like what happened on June 30 where two suspects died after trying to fight it out with the police.

Seguido said the incident was a legitimate police operation where they tried to serve the arrest warrant.


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