Invasion season is here! Gather all your friends!

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Spectrum Philippines, together with FrolicFox Productions, is kicking off this year’s tour with one of the country’s prominent annual festivals. ­ starting off with the Kadayawan Festival in Davao City.

When we dig deep down into the rich history of this beautiful festivity, we find certain aspects that are found to be quite relatable in today’s society. The festival itself is a celebration of life, a gratitude for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. It also recognizes Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage. These are the elements that we’ve taken into account during the creation of the Davao Invasion Tour.

There is so much to look forward to, and what we can do now is let you in on a little sneak peek of what’s going to happen on the 21st of August, 2015 at the Crocodile Park.

You’ve got your passes on your hand. Save time, save money b​ook your tickets ahead of time, h​ead to the following official ticket outlets nearest you.

● Happy Lemon, GMall Davao

● Rainbow Project, GMall Davao

● Atim’s Diner, Ateneo

● Hue Café, Ateneo

● Beereaucracy, Obrero

● Shooter’s Superclub, Digos

● Databyte, General Santos

● Nikko Cordero, CDO

You can also skip the line and buy online. Here’s how:

Go to h​ttp://


Pick a ticket and pay for it with your debit/credit card

Keep your confirmation email and e­ticket. We will scan this when you claim your tickets.

Claim your physical ticket at the venue on event day.

Spectrum and FrolicFox promises to give you a memorable event and part of this is making sure that the venue is accessible and huge enough to comfortably accommodate all you party people. To make it extra convenient for you, download the GrabTaxi application and await for Spectrum’s announcement for the special Invasion promo codes.

As you enter the gates, you might consider getting a memorabilia for keeps to preserve the memory of what’s going to be the most amazing experience you’ll ever have this year. You can start by heading down to the SM Youth Truck where they sell Invasion t­shirts, and other merchandise.

Keep your mobile credit up. It’s a huge area and there’s bound to be loads of people on the ground. It’s best to have enough balance to call a friend or two just in case you lose them in a crowd. Smart is giving away P100 worth of load to the first 2,500 beautiful people who took the time to check out the Smart Dome. This giveaway is also considered a raffle entry. They also have games to keep you preoccupied during the early hours. Check them out and get more freebies by living the Smart life.

Experience the unique Davao culture at the Fair Park Night Market where it showcases a myriad
of local tastes and flavors. Quench your thirst with our wide selection of beverages from our partners: Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and other Diageo brands to give you a wide selection of drinks. (Diageo is the world’s largest producer of spirits, wine and beer based in London).

Share the fun and excitement across the globe. Rappler will be streaming the show to the whole world through YouTube. The live stream upload is powered by Smart LTE.

Consider splurging on the best views in the house ­­ in style. Club Echelon, Davao’s premiere nightclub, will be running the Johnnie Walker VIP Lounge. You’ll have your own entry gate, bars, table and bottle service.

And when the first beat makes its way out of the subwoofers, the lights start playing around, the monstrous LED screens wake up from their slumber, the crowd starts filling the dance floor and the DJ makes his first contact… The Invasion Show has begun. Quality tunes pulse in your ear beat after beat while rhythm bombs are being thrown hitting you in the core. The DJs and performers will guide you throughout the day leaving you in an eargasm hangover the next morning.

This and more is what Spectrum Philippines and FrolicFox has in store for you, backed by global brands to ensure your safety, convenience and a happy party experience. Raise your hands up in the air, groove to the music and live all out!

Listen to Spectrum Radio on Magic FM every Saturday at 9PM or tune your TVs to ETC and Solar Sports to keep you on the loop.

For official information, log on to

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