“Great Raid” drug sting confirmed by Davao official

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A plot supposedly out to humiliate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s strong anti-illegal drugs campaign is said to be in the works. The plot dubbed as “The Great Raid” aims to “bust” a drug laboratory in the heart of Davao City supposedly to destroy and derail the presidential bid of Duterte.

Manny Piñol, staunch supporter and part of the Team Duterte, said that the raid would involve special anti-drugs units of the government who will be fielded to Davao City at any given time and swoop down on a “drug laboratory.”

Piñol said the plot was revealed to him by an intelligence officer.

“After I received the information over the weekend, I double checked it with another source who also confirmed that he heard talks of “The Great Raid” too. The informant said that the raid is intended to destroy Duterte’s image as an anti-drug crusader and suggest that the Davao City Mayor is “involved” in the drug trade himself,” Piñol said.

A check with most of the Davao police officials showed that nobody has heard of the supposed plan to raid a shabu laboratory in Davao City. But one admitted hearing the rumor but denied that any member of the Davao police would be involved in the said plot.

The official said that they suspect that the PNP-AIDG (Anti Illegal Drugs Group) directly from Camp Crame would be conducting the planned raid.

Incidentally, Davao City Police Office director Sr. Supt. Vicente Danao was reportedly called to the PNP national headquarters on Wednesday for unknown reasons.

The Duterte camp meanwhile suspected that the “Great Raid” plot is actually a political operation aimed at destroying Duterte.

“We all know that Rody will never be in any way involved in illegal activities but these operators could just “dramatise” everything, set up a “drug laboratory” and “raid” it,” I said Duterte’s campaign manager, Maribojoc, Bohol Mayor Jun Evasco.

Mayor Evasco agreed that should the sting operation succeed in Davao City, the Duterte camp would be placed in a defensive position during the whole campaign period.

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Z. Duterte is meanwhile confident that the plot won’t have any effect on his father’s presidential bid.
“Kung tinuod na mas maayo, ila man ‘nang trabaho, nganong madaot man si Mayor. Eh di paanhia sila diri ipadakop na tanang big time drug lord diha,” the vice mayor said.
The reported anti-drug sting follows closely the controversial statement of Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Manuel Roxas III that Davao City’s reputation as one of the Safest Cities in the World is nothing but “a myth.”

Duterte’s reputation as a tough campaigner against crime and drugs which earned him the monicker “The Punisher” has made him a leading presidential candidate.

Duterte is the only Presidential candidate in the 2016 elections who carries a plan of action on how to stop drugs, crime and corruption in the country.

In earlier pronouncements, Duterte promised the Filipino people that he would launch a 24/7 campaign against drugs and criminality.

Duterte said Filipinos will feel the change in the crime and drugs situation in the first six months of his Presidency.

He has also promised that he would resign if cannot fulfill his commitment in three years.

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