Duterte on Poe-Chiz tandem: Excellent and good luck

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Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wished senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero the best of luck on their decision to join the 2016 presidential and vice presidential election.

Duterte described the Poe-Chiz tandem as “excellent” and “nice”. He said Escudero has the experience in politics, having been a congressman and a senator, while Poe provides the ascendancy.

Duterte refused to further give comment on Poe’s presidential bid declaration last Wednesday which was followed up by Escudero’s declaration on Thursday. Duterte earlier expressed his reservation on Poe’s candidacy saying that the country just might end up having an American president.

Duterte, a government prosecutor before he joined politics, said Poe might encounter a problem over the requirement for presidential candidates such as only those natural-born Filipinos should run.

Poe is still facing a disqualification case over her American citizenship at the Senate electoral tribunal.

Although Duterte had repeatedly said he is not interested about running for president, Duterte’s supporters believed he would eventually join the presidential race.

Former mayor and Duterte daughter Inday Sara on Thursday told reporters here she also could not say for sure her father would not run.

“The filing of the certificate of candidacy is still weeks from now. Anything could still happen,” she said.

However, the younger Duterte said she wish that her father would no longer run for president.

“Deep in my heart, I was very happy when he announced that he will not be running. But who knows? Things might still change,” she said.

Duterte, who had been touring the country to promote federalism, also said during his Sunday program that “it ain’t over till it’s over.”

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