Duterte lectures media on why some journalists are killed

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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has spoken the painful truth as to why many journalists are assassinated.

He was first asked about his plan on the continuing media killings happening in the country which made the Philippines as one of the most dangerous place for a journalist.

Instead of laying out his plan though, the incoming president said that most of the media who are killed in the past are those who accept money or bribe in exchange for hitting or defending a person or corporation.

In local lingo, such a journalist is called an AC-DC or “attack and collect-defend and collect”.

Duterte had earlier said that many journalists are “prostituting their profession” with such a practice.

“Kung journalist ka lang na tama, wala mang papatay sa iyo. Do not make it appear na most of the journalists are clean. Karamihan nyan ay nababayaran na, yet they continue to attack or have transferred allegiance to the other side,” Duterte said.

Duterte cited the case of the late controversial broadcaster Jun Pala who was killed back in 2003. Duterte said he knows who killed Pala and was summoned by the man over his problem with Pala.

The incoming president did not give much detail nor did he identify the man. He said that Pala have destroyed the man’s family and reputation in the guise of being a journalist.

“I do not mean to diminish his memory but he is a rotten journalist. I know who killed him, kasi binastos nya yung tao eh. May mga witnesses nakakita kung paano umiyak sa harapan ko yung tao dahil binaboy ni Jun Pala yung pamilya niya,” Duterte narrated.

When reminded that journalists are merely “messengers”, Duterte said that being a journalist does not exempt one from being assassinated by an aggrieved individual. He said the same is true to all people regardless of profession.

“Your freedom of expression could not help you kapag binaboy mo na yung tao,” Duterte said.

Duterte said that he was also the subject of strong criticisms by Pala for years but being a politician he somehow got used to Pala’s tirades and just brushed them off.

He said it was however another case for the person who, he suspects, was behind Pala’s assassination.

Duterte had long been suspected to be behind the death of Pala but no case was ever filed against the mayor.

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