Controversial broadcaster arrested for libel

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A controversial radio broadcaster from Digos City was arrested by the police Friday, January 29, for 5 counts of libel filed against him by a former vice governor of Davao del Sur.

Arrested around 3 p.m. Friday is Arvin Malaza alias Jun Blanco. Blanco is accused of libel by former Davao del Sur vice-governor Arsenio Latasa.

Malaza’s trouble started in early August when he made Latasa, who was also former Digos City mayor, the object of his criticism over his radio and television programs aired over cable TV.

Among Malaza’s accusations against Latasa were that the politician enriched himself while in public office.

He also insinuated that Latasa – whom he called names on air – was behind the extra-judicial killings of suspected criminals when he was mayor of Digos City from 1992 to 2010.

Malaza’s other insinuations was that Latasa had an affair with the wife of another broadcaster and probably had fathered a child with her.

The wife of the said broadcaster also filed on September 9 at least 11 counts of libel against Malaza at the city prosecutor’s office.

All in all, Malaza reportedly faced about 250 libel counts against Latasa and all others whom the broadcaster allegedly maligned in his programs.

Malaza owns and operates Muews Radio and Muews TV in Digos.

Aside from Latasa and a broadcaster’s wife, Ma. Ana Sumatra, another broadcaster who also had a tiff with Malaza, also filed a complaint against Malaza before the National Telecommunication Commission for operating Muews Radio, which had no broadcast license.

It was learned that Malaza was not able to post bail since the judge was said to be not in his sala.

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