Comedian gets in trouble during Kadayawan festival

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A comedian from Manila got into trouble during a rave party event here in Davao City Saturday evening after making a comment about Dabawenyos that earned the ire of Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and former mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Comedian Ramon Bautista attended the Kadayawan Invasion rave party Saturday as an endorser of one of the sponsors of the said event held at the Crocodile Park.

When asked to come up on stage, Bautista jested that there are many “hipon” in Davao. He even went on asking the crowd to chant “hipon, hipon”.

The Urban Dictionary states that hipon “refers to a person who has a sexy bod but a really ugly face. They become pretty/handsome to some people just because they have a great body. Hipon means shrimp in Filipino. When eating shrimps, you usually eat the body and throw the head away.”

Bautista’s statement was heard by the Duterte siblings who were among the more than 5,000 Dabawenyos who attended the rave party Saturday night.

The Dutertes allegedly confronted Bautista for his unbecoming statement and demanded an apology in behalf of the Dabawenyos. Bautista was later seen coming up the stage apologizing to the crowd while Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte was few meters beside him.

In her Facebook account, Sara Duterte-Carpio urged her friends in the City Council to declare Bautista persona-non-grata.

Vice Mayor Duterte said he will leave it up to his colleagues at the City Council whether to declare Bautista as such or not.

“Gipangayo ni Inday (Sara Duterte) so the City Council should decide on it. Dili man pod ni first time sa Pilipinas, it’s up to Ramon Bautista to clear his name to the people of Davao City. Dili lang si Inday ang kababaihan iya gitamas-tamas. I leave it to the councilors to decide, nangayo naman gud ug pasaylo.”

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte meanwhile supported the actions made by his two children. He said that anyone must be wary of the sensibilities of the people around them especially in a place like Davao that is considered as a melting pot of cultures and traditions.


Despite the hullabaloo, the Kadayawan Invasion however ended up well. As expected, thousands of Dabawenyos attended the rave party. Police, military and medical personnel were in attendance as well to strictly enforce the anti-smoking and liquor ban ordinances of the city.

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